PAINTING THE TOWN “CHAPTER RED”: Afro-Soul singer Maayaa makes a splash debut with her stirring EP 


Maayaa’s entrance onto the Ghanaian music scene begins with her RnB-tinged EP “Chapter Red”. Singing through her life experiences, she takes you through familiarly universal stories of love and loss that we can all relate to. The 25-year-old Afro Soul singer’s sultry, jazzy, and achy vocals are reminiscent of early Alicia Keys’ RnB/Soul music, and her immersive lyrics guide you through her personal journeys of desire and heartbreak with the dexterity of singer/songwriter SZA.

She sets the tone from the beginning with her succinctly stripped down intro “Red”. Going through the motions of love, she passionately bares her soul by asking a lover to come back to her on the track “San” ft. Akan, then moves to exploring new infatuation on “Ride” featuring Ewe rapper Worlasi, before shifting to celebrating self-love and acceptance on “Perfect”. Putting her personal twist on the art of love, she deftly and breathily takes you through heartache and the roller-coaster emotions that come with it that we can all relate to on the 7-track EP. From beginning to end, anyone can find their own stories in the ones that Maayaa serenades you with.

Maayaa is one to watch, with her honey-sweet vocals sure to please the ears of individual lovers of RnB and couples alike.

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