Martin Nday : Rising Congolese Model


A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo and IT programmer by trade, model Martin Nday has spent the last 3 years in the African fashion game. Currently based in South Africa, Nday is proud to have grown up in the DRC, describing his early years as an amazing experience.Having very fond memories of growing up there, he credits the atmosphere and education for making him the man he is today. At the start of his career he spent the first year working gigs here and there while evaluating the modeling industry and trying to decide whether he wanted to completely change career tracks, having it be a complete switch from his degree. 

Nday found he enjoyed working in the industry, and the following the year he decided to pursue a modeling career. After a couple years under his belt Nday created his own brand, Mark Nwar, launched in collaboration with his business partner Jonathan Mukala in 2017. A collection of fitted caps, pants, and shirts emblazoned with the brand’s logo, it is a reflection of Nday’s penchant for relaxed streetwear style.“Actually I’m not a designer, but by the love of fashion I wanted something new and unique for me and to offer to people who [also] love being unique”.

When it comes to drawing inspiration from other designer’s work, Nday has a difficult time choosing his favourites, “I don’t really have a favorite designer becauseI like everything [that is] good and nice to wear”? The Mark Nwar monogrammed snapbacks stamped with the MN logo is made in all the colors of the rainbow, are artfully kept modern, clean, and easy to style with any look from everyday jeans and t-shirts to business-casual happy-hour. A very personal reflection of Nday’s favorite style of ball caps and hoodies, it represents a growing global streetwear trend with his own unique twist. “Fashion for me is being creative and feeling good about what you are wearing. Fashion is part of our lives”.When it comes to development in Africa’s industry, Martin believes more open doors are needed to give exposure to local designers and talent, which will grant them access to bigger platforms.

In addition, he believes the DRC can become a bigger fashion contender with the addition of good infrastructure and a formidable partner who could help develop the local fashion industry. In the future he is excited to be involved in more runway shows on the international stage and is working on the expansion of MN by coming out with new collection sand expanding his brand’s representatives. His goal is to work hard to make his country proud, and helping to develop the industry would be a dream come true,“ I want to work harder to be a good example for those who are looking to do what I’m doing one day and if I can help some others, I will.”

By  Yussuf Yanni


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