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Very rarely is does it happen that an app manages to have an iron-grip on any one market. One app that has managed to do just that in a way that has captivated the guilty pleasures and enjoyment of Ghanaians at home and in the diaspora. Kumawood is an app that brings all Ghanaian movies together in one place. Streaming services like Netflix have come a long way in including local movies in their repertoire, but none are nearly as focused on one industry as extensively as Kumawood app. The subscription service has different sections giving the audience access to all the action, romance, drama, and numerous other categories that span Ghanaian cinema. Movies are available in different local languages, giving each individual  the flexibility to watch movies in English, Hausa, Ga, Ewe, Twi and more.

Kumawood app has proven its popularity at home and abroad, cultivating an audience of Ghanaians who are living abroad and loyal to their movies from back home. For the past 3 months Kumawood app been consistently rated one of the top 7 free entertainment apps in Ghana. It has been downloaded in the UK, the USA and even in different parts of Africa. Make no mistake – Ghanaian movies are constantly growing wildly popular.

Although Kumawood app is a video on demand service, it also operates as an easily accessible platform for movies and film producers who lack the traditional means to achieve proper movie promotion. Piracy is a rampant problem among all movie industries in Africa and part of Kumawood app’s mission is to help those involved in production get their fair share of pay. The long-term investment involved in making quality movies that we have seen happen in Nigeria has been lacking in Ghana. Large-scale government investment will help provide steady jobs and secure pay to those in the industry and can take it to the next level, the positive example of which we have seen with our Nollywood neighbours. Kumawood app is positioning itself to be the leader driving this change.

To empower the voice of the next generation of filmmakers Kumawood app wants to create a platform that gives an opportunity to the youth, especially for those who lack the resources to produce what is all-too-often self or small-scale funded productions. Giving them the chance to have one place for worldwide distribution, ensure they reap the rewards of their hard work, and assist them in developing their brand. 

By Yussuf Yanni


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