Helen Osei: Underground Ghanaian Model

    Up-and-coming model Helen Osei Owusu is a newcomer  to keep your eyes out for on the Ghanaian fashion scene. A graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University where she studied Science and Technology, she always had huge crush on modeling during her teenage years, but was too shy to pursue it. After completing her national service last year at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, she decided to try her hand in the industry. Although her career has only been in full swing for two months, she is already showing a promising future.

As with many models, Helen had an uncertain start. She shares an experience she had with an opportunity to participate with Miss Ghana 2017 that went awry; “I went for miss Ghana last year and I had the chance of being part of the top 20 [but] was sick on the day I had to go sign the contract”. Fortunately, she had a another chance this year to try her hand at modeling, and was selected at the Miss Malaika casting to participate in the pageant. Although she was unable to make it at to semifinal level, the experience opened new doors. She had the opportunity to work with photographers Smile GH Photography and Agyeman Duah to help build her portfolio.

Helen joined Icons modeling agency a month ago, where she is excited to benefit from more ridged training as a model and enhance her confidence in front of the camera. She confirms that she is training for her first runway show, and is confident she will get on the stage soon. The newcomer reflects on her experience so far in the modeling industry; “In my opinion I think modeling agencies in Africa ain’t doing bad at all but we still need improvement. There’s always more room for that.”

Helen also elaborates on the challenges models face in Ghana; “In my hometown Ghana I think the challenges models face is the fact that they are not being paid. Sometimes because it is mostly [seen] like they are being done a favour, and if that should be corrected the agencies in Ghana will do better.”

   .   Ghana is considered a modern country in West Africa, with modeling agencies present to develop the potential of models and assisting them with proper guidance in their career. Even with this, a story like Helen’s is rare; within 2 months she was able to take part in a big pageant that is known to be tough to be selected to participate in. Many models have at least a year of experience before they get selected for this kind of event.    As a model, Helen shows a desire to represent brands in  fashion, commercial and runway. She knows hard work and determination will push her to do well in the Ghanaian and international markets.She dreams to work with agencies in Milan some day, and has a kind message to her fans; “Watch out for my upcoming projects, I’m going to make you proud of me.”

By : Yussuf Yanni


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