CHALEWOTE (Ghana : Street Art Festival)

      One exciting week where people from all walks of life come together to share a common appreciation of art in Ghana is the annual Chalewote Street Art Festival. The name “Chalewote” means “Let’s go” and is taken directly from the local language Ga. the festival takes place in an area of the capital Accra known as Jamestown, where there is a large community of Ga people.
      The festival is slowly gaining global recognition for its colourful and eccentric display of art and self expression with a very Ghanaian flare, and is known to attract artists from all over Africa. Giving artists a space to freely express their messages through their individual crafts, this year marks the 8th year of celebrations since it officially commenced in 2011.
     Each year the event has grown in scope and spectacularity, never disappointing tourists and attendants with  countless imaginative works of art works from over 200 local and international artists using a variety of mediums. Exhibitions include street paintings, extreme sports, design workshops, fashion displays, street performances and so many more.
      The week-long format has been in place since 2016, growing from its humble weekend-only beginnings to an event that has over 30,000 people in attendance. This year marked the appearances of high profile of Ghanaians endorsing the event, including His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo being on hand to appreciate the works of the artists.
         2018 marked a year full of spectacular celebrations, complete with a parade lead by men in their Africanize shorts, moving street performances, and women displaying Ghanaian culture through their attire performing choreographed dances and interacting with onlookers. The feast of visuals also included a mural painting of mother earth and the sea being swallowed by plastics, and the use of recycled materials to make an assembly of artworks that was a center of attraction for the flock photographers in attendance. Not to be outdone, many of the local youths in attendance  showed off their painting and dancing talents, adding to the eclectic and vibrant nature that is the essence of the festival.
      Chalewote is a platform for all artists to be free with their creativity in a way that is not commonly seen on the continent, with creatives of all stripes having a successful annual event to show their talents. Chalewote should be considered a pleasure to attend by anyone passionate about the arts and eager to celebrate and enjoy Ghanaian art and culture.
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