Monday, April 22, 2019

Ova Wise – Me & You

Ova Wise drops the video clip of her single "Me & You”, song with visuals to match.


Botswana’s Independence Day, a very special memorable occasion. Happy 52nd Best Wishes from AFRILANDENT

Ryan Wright : Professional Athlete / Director of Avant-Garde Brand

Ryan Wright is an international basketball player from Canada. He was born and raised in Toronto, with his extended family spread out over Canada,...

Moonaya – Qui

Moonaya orginally from Benin and Senegal drops the video clip of her single “Qui”, song with visuals to match. Yussuf Yanni

South Africa legalizes Marijuana

   The Supreme Court of South Africa has legalized the individual use of marijuana, to the joy of activists who have been advocating for...

Champion’s League is back for a new season

Football fans around the world were cheering on their teams this week with the return of the UEFA Champion’s League, the most watched and...

Tamer Hosny (Egyptian Finest) new single W Akheran

Tamer Hosny Egyptian Artist drops the video clip of his single “W Akheran”, song with visuals to match. Yussuf Yanni

Kamissa Camara : Mali’s newest, youngest minister

In a move that can be seen as a win for all young women in the pursuit of politics in Africa, Mali’s President Ibrahim...

Artists to Watch: S3fa 

A new wave of young Ghanaian artists have been breaking into the local music scene, and Accra has been the lifelong home to one of...

Vegedream – “Ramenez la coupe a la maison”

French artist Vegedream, whose family is originally from  Ivory Coast  drops the song "Ramenez la coupe a la maison" , song with visuals to...
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