Babeline Michelle Kpatinde : Rising Beninese Model


Babeline Michelle Kpatinde originally from Benin Republic, grew up with the ultimate goal of becoming a model and working in the fashion industry in Benin. She is currently in her third year at University ISMA (Institut supérieur des métiers de audiovisuel), which is known as one of the best school for journalism in Benin.

     Babeline has started getting involved in modeling by being involved in some fashion shows in Cotonou. Discussing her dreams for her career, she stated “I would love to be the face of L’Oréal Paris in Africa or represent my own brand all over the world¨.

     Djimon Housou, a well known actor and model is the most influential face in Benin due to his involvement in Hollywood. The modeling industry in Benin does not provide models with the biggest platform to succeed in West Africa.

       Babeline shared her opinion on the modeling industry in Benin and Africa by expressing ¨In my country, it’s super hard to be a model because first of all they think it’s just a job for prostitutes and they do not want to spend money for that.  But actually, things change. In Africa, especially in Nigeria and South Africa the industry is very high and very interesting and they know that it’s a real job¨.

Nowadays we can see changes in the Benin market with the presence of modeling agencies and yearly fashion shows like ¨Benin Fashion Week¨. This encourages models to take their career seriously so they can have a chance to participate in these fashion shows.

       Babeline, who is currently working with a French Tourism Agency, has the objective to inspire emerging talented models. In Benin it’s rare to be successful in the Model industry, create an organization to help grow the potential of future models and also pursue a career as a reporter once she graduates from journalism school.


By : Selly Samddy


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