ADAMA LARAH : Gabonese Model


In the world of African fashion, there are many faces on the grind that shouldn’t be missed. One of these faces is Adama Larah, an upcoming model from Gabon. The former Miss Gabon competitor is also a recent graduate, having completed her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. She spent her life happily growing up in Libreville, appreciating the culture, values and the lifestyle. Having modeled for the last 3 years, Adama has been a part of several fashion shows in Gabon, and had the opportunity to work with several designers and photographers, including famed Cameroonian photographer and makeup artist Mario Epanya. Adama admits that starting wasn’t easy, citing how she initially broke her dream of modeling to her mother when she found out she was to take part in Miss Gabon, “she was surprised, but with time she accepted my decision and encouraged me”. Although she did not win the competition, it gave her a hunger to continue in the modeling game. 

The grind that Adama has had since the beginning of her career has been paying off at home and abroad, landing her the opportunity to be the face of the Annual Fashion Show Week in Cameroon. She discusses the growing modeling industry in Gabon, and talks about following in the footsteps of those who inspire her, “Dorinex Mboumba [Gabon native]. When you look at who represent the green, yellow, blue [the flag of Gabon] she is it”. Dorinex is a model on the international stage who has participated in shows in Shanghai, Dakar, Amsterdam, and Paris. Adama has also set her sights on the international stage, and is keen on working for designers like Sherri Hill in the future.         Gabon, being located in Central Africa, is definitely more known for its natural resources of petrol as opposed to modeling and fashion. It makes for a challenging field where a few models make it to the biggest stage. Adama believes that the presence and guidance of good modeling agencies will help models in Africa to rise to the top, and show that it’s not only a fun activity but a serious profession.

Adama also adds to her multi-faceted resume by working on her own show on Gabon Celebrities Tv, a digital platform focusing on local cultural and entertainment news. As the host of “Celebrity Guest”, she interviews individuals in all kinds of Gabonese industries, including artists, fashion designers, athletes and more.

Long-term, Adama hopes to help others by supporting and mentoring young girls who want to fulfill their modeling dreams, helping them get out of their comfort zone and teaching them the skills needed for the profession itself. Currently, she is continuing her modeling career, “I’m working right now on a project, unfortunately I cannot say more, I’ll let you discover in about a month.” With a that being said, watch out for more from Adama in the near future.

By : Yussuf Yanni


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