Across the Lower Volta Bridge into Sogakope, 2 hours away from Ghana’s capital Accra, a well-known luxury resort along the river is where you’ll find a perfect getaway for peace and quiet from the buzz of city life. This Christmas season that quiet life along the river will be transformed into dynamic arts event that aims to bring young music creatives of many stripes in one spot. 4 The Culture Africa (also known as 4TC Africa) takes place December 21st-23rd at the locally renowned luxury Sogakope Beach Resort. The new arts festival aims to bring these creatives who work across the African diaspora together to share skills, form joint ventures, and encourages them rally together as a part of the artistic front in the new African Renaissance. 

     The festival was announced December 5th at the Urban Grill in Accra at an exclusive, invite-only event hosted by MTV Base with over 100 industry professionals in attendance, kicking off the multi-layered vision of the inaugural 4TC Africa festival.

   The avant-garde educationally centred event will feature an atmosphere heavy on music, seminars, fashion, concerts and more. Beginning the weekend with workshops and sessions zoning in on different aspects of the music industry, it will be lead by top influencers in the African industry in Africa, with representatives like  Universal Music (Nigeria), MTV Base and more. Followed by two days of concerts and raves, all in attendance are encouraged to use the space to enjoy each other’s art and work together to strengthen the African creative community.

 The weekend festival is founded by Ghanaian up-and-coming rapper Mawuli, and hosted by The Bacon Group in conjunction with multiple partners from across the continent. 4TC Africa moulds an experience that locals and tourists alike can enjoy, swaying them to take a short road trip to a beautiful resort town by the river (and a promise of the best of Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, and Afro-house on the side). With the spirit of the holidays all around and people  coming to Ghana from all parts of the world, this weekend’s essence is to celebrate fellowship in art and galvanize the boundless possibilities of African urban culture. 

For more information and details of the event kindly go on their website :


By : Yussuf Yanni


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